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Full Version: Great BeyStand Challenge
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Are you excited like we are for another beyblade tournament to be in wales why not come and join us in this exciting event. 

This will be a ranked event played in the burst format you can 
Check the rulebook for more info here: Burst Format Rules

On the day we will also go over the rules and have some rules 
Printed out for you if you are still unsure. 

The first stage will be played in the 1on1 format. The final stage will be played in the deck format you can refer to Match Type

This event is free.

They will be an event cap of 8 participants.

We will be playing in the beyblade burst standard stadium 


The tournament will start at 11am so as a guide, aim to arrive around 10.45am 

Remember to turn up on time. If you arrive later than the scheduled start time, your place will be forfeit and you will not be able to participate. If you know you’ll be late, please let us know via PM or post in the thread or in the uk discord channel and we will try to accommodate! 

Please note that we can not predict how long an event will be, as this varies on the competitors through out the day. In order to stay for the whole event, please be prepared to stick around for at least 3-4 hours 


Carmarthen park. We shall be at the bandstand or near it if you do not see us please post in this thread or message us. 


1st prize will be a trophy 2nd and 3rd prize will be a medal 

Host and Judges

This tournament is being hosted by RazzorC92, and matches will be supported by volunteer judges throughout the event. 

Important Advice

Despite being around friends and rivals, please remember we are in a public place. Bad behaviour and swearing will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from future events. 

spread the word! 

Are you excited about this event like we are if so please tell your friends about it and bring them along. If you have not already, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook!

This event has been approved.
This matches for event have now been processed.