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Full Version: Questions, questions, questions..
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Hey again! I already started a thread in welcome asking things, a couple of guys were quite helpful - but I want to expand my questions and post them here for specific answers:
One guy gave me the date of release of bayblades - I think that's what it was.

*So they're not yet released worldwide?

*What will the price be? I checked ebay and it was around 22€ per blade.(I thought they were cheaper when I used to play(when they firstly came out)). Also, what's a good price for a nice field? (or whatever you call them).

*I saw a lot of models - can the new ones use old parts and vice versa?

*I also read in the beywiki about a beyblade spinning for over 3' . Is this for real?
Maybe I was too young to know otherwise, but I remember our blades woulnd't stay for over 1' , max. Or did I read something wrong?

* If I go and find some older models, should I buy them or are the new ones comming really better, uber & stuff? (In comparison). Are the older models cheaper?

Thanks in advance,
You should post this thread in the beyblade general forum, this forum is for questions regarding the WBO not for beyblades. And people get more comments if they post it in the right forum. Just for Future Reference
Thanks, but should I, like, create a new one or wait for someone to move it? Confused
Hmmmm, Its your decision if you want to make a new one or move it, though I'd wait but thats just me
Do not make a new topic, because you have to use at least the "Ask a question, get an answer!" thread. However, most of your questions can be answered by reading the Beywiki article on Metal Fight Beyblade. Also read the Bey News.

If you have done at least both of those things, then ask the remaining questions, however there should only be one left, which is at most "I also read in the beywiki about a beyblade spinning for over 3' . Is this for real?". You can find the answers to your other questions on your own with the resources I gave you.