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Full Version: Proposal: Add a Ranked Clause to Burst Classic for God Layers
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Greetings WBO tournament go-ers,

Some of you familiar with the Burst Classic format since its early days in 2019 will know that 11 God Layers were originally legal when the format first began.

They were removed 3 months later to narrow the focus of the format and avoid overcomplication of the format.

With the introduction of Ranked Clauses a few months ago, I think it would be a neat idea to keep God Layers off the default banlist, but introduce a clause for Organizers who wish to have the God Layers legal. The banned God Layers were:
  • Cognite C3 (Hasbro only)
  • God Valkyrie/Genesis Valtryek V3/Strike Valtryek V3
  • Guardian Kerbeus (TT only)
  • Killer Deathscyther/Doomscizor D3
  • Kreis Satan/Satomb S3

I'd also like to introduce the possibility of introducing these Layers as well:
  • Tornado Wyvern/Tempest Wyvron W3
  • Twin Noctemis N3 (Hasbro only)
  • Wonder Valtryek V4 (Hasbro only)
  • Z Achilles A4 (Hasbro only)
Feb 2024 update: We have been graced with the God Layer clause