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Full Version: No more Sweat for Metal Limited
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"Invite Only"

This is “WBO Metal Fight Limited Format”.
All players have to read the following Metal Fight Limited Format rulebook prior to confirming your attendance to ensure that you or your child have the appropriate equipment to compete:
Event Schedule 
10:50 - 11:00AM Registration/Bracket Set-up/Announcements
11:00AM Tournament Starts

How to get Invited? Message Me!

5 Point First Stage
  • First Stage Matches are played to 5 points for this Tournament.
Banlist Variation: Gravity Ban
The following Metal Wheel may not be used in this tournament: Gravity

Banlist Variation: Scythe (Metal Fury), Omega, and Hell Unban
The following Metal Wheels may also be used in this tournament: Scythe (Metal Fury), Omega, Hell/Hades

Banlist Variation: Spike 230 Unban
The following Track may also be used in this tournament: SP230

Borrowing/Lending Prohibition
  • Bladers may not borrow or lend Parts or Equipment for this Tournament.
Prizes :
[Image: gCv3ByO.jpg]
1st Place - $25 Gift card
2nd Place - $15 Gift card
3rd Place - $10 Gift card

Thanks to beysandbricks is happy to support this tournament with these awesome prizes.
This event has been approved.
Prized Updated!!!

Challonge : 
Group stage :

Final stage :

Spreadsheet :
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