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Full Version: Brining Beyblade to America (From Hasbro's lips)
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Hey guys

So those in the Montreal Beyblader community know what I am knee deep in the Hasbro world, specially within the Transformers brand

About 2 years ago me and some Hasbro people started doing a podcast talking about all the brands they worked on, it was very Transformers heavy but we started doing other stuff like Batman, Star Wars and so on.     A few days ago we released a Beyblade segment.   We started with the early development of Plastic Gen (2001-2007) and FAR from covered everything but just the early mindset and rocky road of bringing Beyblade to America, the beginning of the official BBA and more

Sit down with me Protoman (Transformers), Aaron Archer (Transformers, Batman) and Steve Bono (Transformers, Beyblade, Star Wars) as we talk about that early history

We will be doing more of this in the future

It's a visual podcast with images, some behind the scenes stuff and more

Also check out our Transformers Podcast too

Enjoy! ^.^
So this were Hasbro bringing Beyblade to the America, I was born in the last month of year 1999, So I kinda grow up in the begin of US Beyblade history.