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Full Version: Beyblade First Xperience Giveaway: Win Beyblade X Products!
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To celebrate the release of Beyblade X, we've launched the Beyblade First Xperience initiative so you can try out some of the newest products at a tournament near you! Not able to attend? Then this is your chance because we are giving the same Beyblades available at each tournament!

Read the full announcement on Beyblade First Xperience and find a tournament near you here!:

Giveaway Rules

  • This giveaway is open to all registered WBO members. Not registered? Join now.
  • Enter by posting once in this thread with what you're most excited about for Beyblade X and why (multiple posts will not add multiple entries).
  • The entry period will end on August 18th, 2023 at 11:59PM EST. The winner will be announced a few days afterwards.
  • All entrants agree to be contacted via the email tied to their WBO account if they are selected as winner.


We will be randomly selecting a winner for each of the following prizes!

The winning entrants will also win one of the Bit Boosters below, which contain one random Bit for your profile!

Bit Boosters

The winner will receive their choice of the following huge list of Bit Boosters:

  • Bit Booster RED [Image: faceboosterred.png]
  • Bit Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
  • Bit Booster GREEN [Image: faceboostergreen.png]
  • Bit Booster ORANGE [Image: faceboosterorange.png]
  • Bit Booster YELLOW [Image: FaceBoosterIconYellow.png]
  • Bit Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]
  • Bit Booster CRIMSON [Image: faceboostercrimson.png]
  • Bit Booster AZURE [Image: faceboosterazure.png]
  • Bit Booster AMBER [Image: faceboosteramber.png]
  • Bit Booster VIOLET [Image: faceboosterviolet.png]
  • Bit Booster JADE [Image: faceboosterjade.png]
  • Bit Booster JET [Image: faceboosterjet.png]
  • Bit Booster VIVID [Image: faceboostervivid.png]
  • Bit Booster AMETHYST [Image: FaceBoosterAMETHYST.png]
  • Bit Booster SAPPHIRE [Image: FaceBoosterSAPPHIRE.png]
  • Bit Booster EMERALD [Image: FaceBoosterEMERALD.png]
  • Bit Booster RUBY [Image: FaceBoosterRUBY.png]
  • Bit Booster ONYX [Image: FaceBoosterONYX.png]
  • Bit Booster DRIVER[Image: faceboosterdriver.png]
  • Bit Booster GARNET [Image: Bit-Booster-Garnet.png]
  • Bit Booster AZURITE [Image: Bit-Booster-Azurite.png]
Good luck, everyone!

Thank you to!

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Huge thank you to for sponsoring this giveaway. Everyone, if you're looking for the latest Takara-Tomy Beyblades at the lowest prices, be sure to check out their website.

Heads up: If you buy something through Beyblade Premier, you won’t pay any extra, but will get a small commission. As a registered not-for-profit organization, all funds are poured back into the community to help pay for our hosting expenses, develop new features, offer giveaways, and more. We appreciate the support!
I'm most excited about the remakes, especially because TT is letting the fans vote. This generation is going to be awesome
The reason I'm excited for Beyblade X is because I've been playing burst since it came out and it's going to be a great experience to do it all again with Beyblade X!
OOOOH This is such a good giveaway, Good luck to everyone entering!!
I’m excited for the very attack-heavy meta Beyblade X appears to be bringing! The experience of playing Burst suffered from the abundance of extremely close LAD matchups, which I found not very fun and would often hold up the pace of tournaments. Faster tournaments makes it a lot easier to run 2 in a day, and more Beyblade is better!
I’m most excited about the attack-centric approach Takara Tomy seems to be taking with this generation! Looking forward to seeing where it goes 😎
I’m mostly excited for the high speed attack and for the beyblades to be small again. I just feel that beyblade should be kept at a size like BeyX or MetalFight or early burst. ✌️
I'm excited for new players coming into the game! The community is growing bigger than ever and I'm excited to host more tournaments with bigger turnouts!
I'm really excited for the battles in Beyblade X because they're so fast paced between the Bey designs being a mix between Burst and MFB, the fastest standard launchers to date, and the Xtreme Dash gimmick.
The battles in this generation seem so exciting, not a single dull moment for this generation hopefully.
I'm Xcited for the crazy attacks and new meta since I love attack types and the burst meta was pretty boring sometimes so seeing what the meta becomes later down the line will be interesting.
I am excited to see how TT are going to implement gimmicks to the Beys as well as the Remake and how they do the Burst remakes . Can't wait for a Big Bang Pegasus remake
What I’m most excited about for beyblade x is that is a whole
New generation and we hopfully can see some exciting things for the beyblade future

Also the remakes hopfully we get driger g and white tiger beys

Also looking forward to the new anime and the new way to battle
I'm excited to see what happens with the popularity of beyblade. Now that TT seem to be focusing more on the competitive elements of the game it could lead to people who played with earlier generations getting back into beyblade, plus with the rise of short form media platforms like tiktok helping niche hobbies gain a wider audience it could be a lot easier than ever to build local groups/teams
Funnily enough I‘m most excited about X hopefully and finally being fun when played alone. Mfb is pretty good, but burst is just annoying.

I‘m also very hopeful that X will become very popular like mfb used to be and that I could find strangers and tournaments to compete with/in!
I’m most excited to see how X beys change over time, the low and high bits already seem interesting and I can’t wait to see how they expand on the parts going forward
I think what I am most excited about is that with how vastly different Beyblade X is played with the introduction of the gear rail and the Xtreme gimmick, the strategy in which how bladers make combos and their launch styles must change to work with the new system. So simply put, I’m most exited to see the new strategies and forms of game play that bladers must come up with in this new generation.
Im really hyped for the return of full metal contact, high speed battling and all the new versions of past beys yet to be revealed
Im super pumped because we arw getting remakes at the start of the gen and getting to use our old favorites with these new beys
As for me, I'm super excited about the Beyblades in general! They feel like combinations of the really well made designs from Burst and the solid battles of the Metal Saga. The Beyblades featured in X so far combine everything wonderful about past generations together, in my opinion, which is great because I enjoyed those aspects of them both a lot.
I'm excited for the new designs and seeing how it will evolve over time, especially the older gen remakes as well and how it will take advantage of the X Dash gimmick.
What I'm most excited about is how everything will play out with the battles, now with how the beys can move in the stadium as well as the factor of Xtreme KOs, it will be interesting to see what bladers will have to do with their battles and try to work out how they can use the power of the stadium and the combos they choose in order to be victorious.
I am most excited cause the gimmicks look really fun and the battles look like they’re going to be really fast and attack oriented. It’s going to have really cool gimmicks that I’m looking forward to seeing. The battles will also be more on edge as the beys are pretty unpredictable
I'm excited by the scale TT has promised for this series and the veracity in which they seem to be delivering upon it. It's really refreshing to see a company try to elevate a brand to something more for reasons other than solely just profit.
I’m excited to see how this generation evolves. Hoping to see TT extend to the global market and see beyblade appeal more to a wider audience!
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