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Full Version: Summer GT Fun!
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First Prize: B-178 Random Booster Vol. 24

General Info

The tournament will be at Valley View Park in New Berlin and we will be meeting in the field near the pavilion on Sunny Slope Rd. We have at least 4 judges at this point, including myself. SlavTech will also be the challonge master besides a judge. This tournament is Burst GT Format, find the rules here 

Event #2: There will be a tournament directly after this one that will be Burst classic format. Sign up here

Tell Your friends, there is a participant cap of 30 and we would like to have as many bladers within that cap participate. They will have to make a WBO account and join on this thread.

Equipment available we have 4 beystadiums, and will have safety mats for each one. Bring your own beys and launchers we are not responsible for any damaged or lost parts and launchers.
Other stadiums are welcome to be brought for the practice area, please mark who's is who's though.

Also, a waiver will have to be signed by all participants so if you get either a beyblade related injury or someone gets any kind of injury I am not held liable.

Hope to see you there!
This event has been approved.
Are you using the Standard Stadium, Pro Series Stadium, or are you using both?
(Jul. 20, 2023  3:13 PM)ColeTrain07 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you using the Standard Stadium, Pro Series Stadium, or are you using both?

Are we allowed to use Takara Tomy Bey??
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