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Full Version: Dose anyone else have this issue
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I have been playing with beyblade for a long time now and one thing that I noticed is in my burst beys even though there’s not much metal the metal that there is gets super dirty and doesn’t look shiny anymore same thing with the disc dose anyone know any good thing I can use to make the metal shine again for when I put my beyblade burst beys on display what ever it may be it also needs to be good for all metals because I don’t what any damage done to my beys

Use a pencil eraser, it gets all the dirt off and shines the metal. Though if the metal is too dirty, it won’t be as shiny.
Metal Also Gets rusty a lot, happens if you use it a lot in battles or if it’s old. It isn’t really something you can “fix” per say just something that happens inevitably but there are some ways to get it off temporarily as well, just not permanently.