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Full Version: [New Castle, Indiana and surrounding areas]
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Hey everyone, im sean! i live in new castle, indiana and i do not know anyone around here who blades. i hope i spark some interest around my area so that all bladers here can get to know each other and play together. Maybe if this is successful, sometime in the future, a tournament can be held.
Aww there has to be someone from around my area that beyblades Unhappy
I live in Fort Wayne. I don't play much anymore. Otherwise, I don't think there are any bladers in Indiana anymore. (we had around 6 or so people here about a year ago, but we've since moved on) Your best bet would be either trying to travel to Toronto (which is only a few hours away ) or to just keep checking WBO's map. Also, I'm not really on here much anymore, so there might be some IN bladers i don't know about.
I live close to Indianapolis
lol,well thats a start. it would be nice to blade with people, but i just cant find anyone close