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Full Version: NEED STADIUM
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I just got introduced to BeyBlades by my friend and bought 2. But I need a stadium. I'm hoping to find a Wide Square Stadium for under $30. Anyone know how to get it? Also, iI do not have or want to make ebay! If anyone has found a stadium for under $30 (with shipping) please reply!Speechless
Ebay uses paypal
Majority of people on here only except paypal
Either way your gonna need a paypal account so why not use ebay
Also a wide square stadium ebay runs about 30 with shipping so if someone on here were to sell it to you it would be 10 or so more dollars so they could make a profit
I'll try to find a relative if they have an ebay.

Here's what I'm hoping for:

Stadium of any kind: About $10
Shipping: About $10 as well.

I will gladly accept and try to get any stadium to play in.
you definitely won't get one for that price. =/ considering the size etc of a stadium, I'm quite sure what you're offering is less than (or at least very close to) the cost of shipping the stadium.
The hasbro one's suck. But my friend told me there was some in Vietnam, which I'm Vietnamese. So my cousin told me her friend would pick one up for me and since her friend is coming to the US to go to highscool he'll bring it over. (I can buy a stadium for like $50, but my parents just won't let me waste that much on a piece of plastic)
I never said anything about the hasbro stadium?

If you've found one does this mean the thread is no longer needed?
Well, the Hasbro ones are bad for attack types. And yes no need for topic.