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Full Version: UK Bladers - Smyths Toys have QuadDrive!
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Hi all, I'm EssexBeyblader and I've got some interesting news.

My local branch of Smyths in Essex, UK has begun to stock QuadDrive, including 2 stadium sets and several individual Beys and starter packs. There is a possibility of Pro Series coming into stock, but this is not yet confirmed, if it appears, I'll update it here.

I have word that this is new stock from Hasbro UK, and there's likely to be ongoing sales of Beyblade at Smyths branches, so it would be my suggestion that if you have a branch near you, you get down there and check it out ASAP.

I stress right now, before anyone asks, there are NO official indications of whether this may be a sign that perhaps Beyblade X will be stocked in the future (I asked management, but of course with X being so new, there is no news of a UK release yet).

I will add that it is perhaps a good sign that at least one UK retailer is open to selling Beyblade products here still - The manager informed me that they're stocking QuadDrive due to Hasbro having noted a rise in people viewing the anime in the UK and wanting to play the game, and thus requests for shop sales were being made, and Smyths decided to take them on having sold Burst in the past - Here's to hoping this may be the beginning of a new revival for Beys in stores within the UK 👍