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Full Version: BU evolutions I wished happened
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Deathscyther: This wouldve been pretty cool. Sure, we got hollow in sparking but a bu Deathscyther wouldve been great after that. for a combo we could give it legacy and either a new version of hunter or jaggy (metal, high, dash, etc.) or a new driver entirely, like some kind of cross between xtreme/hunter and jaggy or just a brand new thing entirely.

Zeus: A generic pick, but TT couldve given it the Xcalibur/Kerbeus treatment and finally give it a new evolution like Deathscyther. A new BU lock disc similar to Around would have been cool and an upgraded planet or something wouldve made for a fun driver

Apocalypse: I dont know if we wouldve gotten the infinite lock system but a new Apocalypse wouldve been pretty cool. Over as the disc and something like High Ultimate Reboot could be a good stock combo

Genesis: Another situation like Apocalypse as the infinite lock system would be hard to bring over to db/bu. A defense type BU lock disc would be good to finish the type trio of attack (Xanthas) Stamina (Moon) Defense (This new disc) that they started but never finished (Lucifer shouldve had a bu lock disc, change my mind) and giving it metal atomic would be pretty fun

Chronos: another one like Deathscyther and Zeus. Give it a new disc or Tapered with High Dimension.
I absolutely agree! I really wanted to specifically see Apocalypse or Deathscyther get an evolution. Apocalypse would need some new interesting gimmick same with genesis. I honestly think they would have been able to make a special core for them with some form of the infinte lock if only they tried.