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Full Version: WBO Project Proposal
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I have a proposal for a possible project to raise loads of money to inject back into the WBO: we make our own Beyblade style game.  First of all, it is an effective way to increase popularity of Beyblade and the WBO. Secondly, we have the resources. The benefit of the community or any organization is the diversity of members. We have store owners, very popular YouTubers, graphic designers, website designers, CEOs of their own successful companies and the list goes on. This shows the fact that WBO can be much more than it is if we utilize our community resources. This isn't me volunteering members to work but there are literally people willing to help that aren't offered the opportunity. The WBO is growing from organizers hosting events and word of mouth but on the grand scale of things, with the several active years of this community and the immense love of Beyblade worldwide I'm not sure why we don't have a structured main event nor why we don't keep up with the technological times. Thirdly, we can always sell the stuff online and let the project and WBO feed of and into each other, thus allowing larger budget events and the size of both things will snowball, increasing the WBOs hold on the world. In terms of funding, It isn't an issue either IMO. When it comes to money there is always the legal fears of profit with a not-for-profit organization however you can accept donations or funds to the organization for the organization if I am not mistaken. There are even affiliate programs that the WBO could utilize to promote a code to buyers, buyers use the code for a discount. Buyers receive a discount and WBO can earn a small percentage of sales. That money can then be put back into the community, for events, giveaways, promotions, "new website", this project, etc. As a grassroots organization, we have the unique ability to take what we want and ditch what doesn't work. in that same vein, we also have experienced 3 generations of Beyblade, so we know what may work and what sucks. We may not be as big as TT or those good for nothing idiots at Hasbro, but we have the resources, the experience, and the ideas to be successful.

woah, that was long. So, who's with me!?
This was tried with Battle Strikers (the WBO's founder created Battle Strikers) and the project has been dead for almost a decade.