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Full Version: Beyblade Hong Kong chat
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I'm not a great Blader, but I got my best beys in Hong Kong. I have a Saviour Valkyrie, a Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword'-1 and a B-168. Which one is the best one and is a Super Hyperion stronger than that?
Hello. Thank you for your question. And I live in Hong Kong.

Firstly you need to understand the different systems, Super Hyperion and Rage Longinus is part of the older. lighter "sparking" system, while the Savior Valkyrie and Xiphoid Xcalibur are part of the newer "DB" system.

The DB system is overall heavier and therefore more powerful than the Sparking system, but in terms of parts and stock combo, Xcalibur seems to be the best one.

So no, Super Hyperion isn't stronger than the 3 you have. Besides, Rage is also able to sometimes, beat DB system Beyblades with correct parts, technique and luck.

Hope this is helpful for you!
I have a Savior Valkyrie and a Xiphoid Xcalibur system! And I like her!