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Full Version: Summer of Beyblade #1: Chula Vista Bursts
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This is “WBO Burst Standard Format" in Chula Vista.

All players have to read the following Burst Standard rulebook prior to confirming your attendance to ensure that you or your child have the appropriate equipment to compete: 

We will be playing with “3vs3 Ruleset” for the First Stage. You need 3 combos without repeating parts to compete. Please check the following for the details:

There will be no bracket resets under any circumstances so make sure you sign up through WBO to be added and listen during roll call. 
All Offical burst products are allowed in this tournament.

Host : Vulcan Eagle
Participant Cap : 32
Stadium:2x  B-33 Standard Type stadium 
Tournaments can last up to 4 hours

Once the registration concludes, players cannot be added. So Please Be on Time.
Don't have enough parts? we will be able to provide competitive loaner beys so no one is left out.

There will be a metal fight tournament right after this one in the same location. No equipment is needed for that tournament so feel free to register for both.


This event has been approved.
Please be on time for tomorrows event and I appreciate those taking the time to register and come play