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Full Version: A movie that frightened you
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In this topic you can tell everyone about a movie that frightened you. Right now or when you were a kid. For example, I was frightened by the grudge. I accidently saw the commercial when I was six and it gave me a terrible fear of the dark but that's another topic.
The word "That" frightened me once when I could only spell 3 letter words.

But it's not a big deal anymore, as you can see I can spell up to 20 letter words now.
(Jul. 10, 2010  10:04 PM)gurugulu Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT: The title is "A movie that frightened you.

...So...Why don't you edit the title? Uncertain
Can someone archive this?
Movies that frighten me are Zombie movies. Ever since I watched a preview of a Zombie movie I have had this terrible fear of them. Is this normal for a 12 year old?
(Jul. 11, 2010  12:22 AM)AbhorEvil Wrote: [ -> ]. Is this normal for a 12 year old?

Its just alot of my friends love zombies.
Probably 13 ghosts. I watched that when I was like 9 and was frightened by any time I was a lone for about a week.
Gurugulu, you can edit the title, lol.

Scariest movie? Hmm, the Twilight Saga would be the most "real-life" scary, because after that I knew I wasn't dating any girl my age that I know. I'm not stacked like Taylor, nor sickly like Robert.
IT, that scared me as a kid.
The 20th Century Boys movie.
"Friend" and his Bio-weapons gave me nightmares for 3 nights...Unhappy
Uhhh mine isn't that scary "I am legend" best movie ever but didn't creep me out too much,
just made me a bit jumpy one hour or so after the movie.

Human mutants anybody?
the strangers my sister made me watch it
wall-ee im not scared of the movie but how boring the movie was
Was anyone scared when they saw piranha 3d? You should because it is very gory and I like the fact that it's part comedy.
(Sep. 01, 2010  1:44 PM)gurugulu Wrote: [ -> ]Was anyone scared when they saw piranha 3d? You should because it is very gory and I like the fact that it's part comedy.

No, it wasn't scary.
Heck, it wasn't even shocking to me.

Maybe I'm just jaded...
The Exorsist
I almost pissed my self a couple times while watching The Excorsist.
Wallace and gromit and the were bunny ( iwas 6)
SAW ( saw the covers, but annoying orange fixes everything)
White noise ( STILL very scared)
Movie covers:
Record 2
One missed call ( UNBELIEVEBLLY SCARY. Might what be gives me a phobia of toilets)
(Jul. 11, 2010  12:25 AM)Raykon Wrote: [ -> ]Probably 13 ghosts. I watched that when I was like 9 and was frightened by any time I was a lone for about a week.

THIS. I was seriously creeped out by this. I also watched it really young, haha.

The Grudge has always stuck with me, it probably the scariest movie ever in my books.
i watched all of the tremor movies in the same night then
and for a 3 i didn't go outside then there was a earthquake the day after witch freaked me out even more
well the the movie that was scary for me was JACK THE REAPER
i crapped my self watching thatConfused
probably the grudge 3 or house on haunted hill 1 and 2
SAW 3D and the exorcist. I seriously needed some therapy after the exorcist... But SAW 3D frightened me for a couple of days.. BTW you know all the actors that were in the exorcist had to get rehab after watching that film..
Silent Hill. That stupid bloody Pyramid head. Movies don't normally scare me but that thing...
The Lion King. When I was younger, Mufasa's ghost thing in the air freaked me out that I always used to watch the movie with the lights on. Not scared of that anymore but now...the nameless hyenas freaks me out. Watch the part when Scar says "You see them?" where it shows the hyenas on the rocks. If you look carefully, especially the hyenas in the back, alot of them DON'T have pupils. Some of them have these creepy grins aswell. It's freaky like heck. Also, when Scar gets knocked off Pride Rock, the nameless hyenas that are ready to pounce him are kind of...
the movie "the ring" frightened me. it was about a video that if you watch a certain phone call would come next and the next thing that happens is people died after that.

the scary thing about this movie was that they were showing the video to the movie watchers and when a cellphone rings. everyone on the movie house just freaks out or jumps from their seats.

i was amazed at its effect on the movie watchers.
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