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Full Version: All Rubber Flat Drivers Ban Proposal
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Hello WBO! After much consideration, I truly believe this is a discussion we need to have. As most of you probably know by this point, Bearing Drift is the most driver in Burst nowadays. The only thing standing in BDr's way of complete domination are rubber flat drivers; with this said, I think we should consider banning all rubber flats from every burst format. They are simply too overpowered and are preventing the game from becoming completely braindead with spamina combos. If we ban all rubber flat drivers, we will force players to buy the B-203 set for years to come. This is beneficial because the WBO could purchase all B-203 sets in circulation and distribute them at record high prices to fill the pockets of all admins. This is a win-win for everyone involved, and no one should be in opposition. Anyone who opposes can go play WBBA DB Stadium format (Where rubber flat drivers are dead anyways). No tests are needed for this ban proposal, and the source is I made it up.

The Winning Combo List has been plagued by Xtreme' and Quick' recently, I think it is best to ban these drivers from Burst due to their overwhelming amount of use in this format. There should be no place in Burst Standard where one type of driver dominates the entire scene.
Yes honestly I see these drivers being better than Bearing Drift as they have the ability to fly through the air and just os the Beyblade while sky camping. Definitely needs a ban
I disrespectfully disagree.  Banning all rubber flats is going too far too fast.  X’, since release has been one of if not the winningest drivers in Beyblade burst, period.   This is a fact clearly and factually supported by WC thread.  Not sure what other driver kills creativity more. Every new season in burst is simply more of what to put on top of X’ again.   Stamina drivers have come and gone and some have been entirely replaced in the meta, but not X’.   X’ simply keep on keeping on.  Qc’ while similar, has not seen as much success.  X’ is simply too centralizing and doesn’t give its competitors a chance to breathe.  X’ should be banned first and then we can ban Qc’ later, after it suffocates its competitors.  This process of next man up has to simply, logically continue.
I don't think anything should be banned except fakes. If it fits together and spins then it should be allowed period.
(Oct. 02, 2023  9:51 AM)BiggPoppa Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think anything should be banned except fakes. If it fits together and spins then it should be allowed period.

This post was an April Fools joke haha, I wasn't actually serious 😅