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Full Version: Beys In The Bay @SVCardArt #4: Icarus (Experimental)
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[Image: cardart2.png]
Beys In The Bay #4: Icarus is a go!
This event will be a Burst Classic experimental P3C1 event that will use the following additional banlist:
UNBAN: Accel', Assault', Fusion', Zephyr', Metal Accel, Metal Fusion, Metal Defense, Destroy'
BAN: Drift, Metal Drift, Bearing Drift, Metal Bearing Drift, Zone', Zone
WATCHLIST: High Xtend+', Bearing', Bearing (Hasbro), Drift-SP, +Drift attachment
The event will be held in the Burst Standard stadium, and aims to test the format's diversity in the absence of Drift.
Judges: Deadly_162 (subject to change)
Prizing is TBA
This event has been approved.
If anyone needs any information on why any one thing was banned or unbanned, pm me or reply here.
Note, the zone bans include all variations (+x,+z,+hasX+HasZ)
This event has been processed.