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Full Version: Beys In The Bay @SVCardArt #3: Manifest
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[Image: cardart2.png]
BEYS IN THE BAY #3: MANIFEST is up and running!
The event format will be Burst Standard P3C1 format. Prizing will be 2 dollars per match win and a bey from the box for the grand prize. I might have lender combos, I am not sure. However, extra stadiums would be greatly appreciated. The event will be played in the Burst Standard (B-09/B-33) stadium.
Judges: Deadly_162 (subject to change)
This event has been approved.
yay ..........................
It's a shame, because I was in Sunnyvale for the past two weeks and even happened to visit the store, but I just moved to Fairfield and don't have my beyblades with me yet. I might swing by to see you guys play, but I'll have to join in another time. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow!
Also just a general note: all prizing is in store credit.
that manifest 3 torney was cool
This event has been processed.