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Full Version: Potential Post-drift ban and dashstall-unban combos
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Here, I would like to compile a list of potential combos for this format that can be used in the absence of Drift and its variants and in the prescence of dash stallers. 
The proposed banlist is as follows:
UNBAN: Accel', Assault', Fusion', Zephyr', Metal Accel, Metal Fusion

The dash stallers don't have enough power in the presence of Piss UFO, C.H.HXt+' and Unite combos to be meta-defining. They'll be strong and definitely interesting to use, but they won't have the level of dominance that they once did. Also, Assault-Q is basically Hasbro Assault'.
Metal Defense
I get it's heavy, but weight based defense has kind of fallen off from where it was. It honestly doesn't have enough defensive power to have much of an impact on it's return.
This should be unbanned sheerly for consistency purposes. Metal Destroy is unbanned. This should be too.
Drift, Metal Drift, Bearing Drift, Metal Bearing Drift
The drifts, as mentioned above, completely centralize the meta and turn BSC into a LAD festival. They have great defense, stamina and LAD.
With the drifts gone, this becomes the best LAD option in format. On HasZ, it can reliably outspin Revolve and Bearing in same spin, has enough LAD to outspin everything in opposite spin, and enough defense and burst resistance to tank every attack that gets thrown at it.
High Xtend+'
This is here because, though it dominates, it has a clear-cut weakness: KO attack. If, however, KO attack doesn't prosper with the drifts banned, or this dominates too much, it can very easily be banned.
Bearing', Bearing (Hasbro)
Dragoon F can't utilize these as well as it utilizes drift, making these less powerful
Same reasons as the drifts, plus it acts similarly to a hypersphere driver.

I will start:
Victory Valkyrie/Xcalibur Knuckle Xtreme'
Dranzer F(Hasbro) Yell Yard-S
Evipero Heavy Unite
Valkyrie Armed Trans'
Acid Anubis Yell Revolve-SPM
Chaos Heavy High Xtend+'
Odin Knuckle Assault'/Fusion'
Spryzen S2 Knuckle Iron/Assault-Q
Valkyrie Spread Destroy'
Dragoon F Gravity Bearing'
Further testing would be greatly appreciated and further suggestions are always welcome.