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Full Version: Texas circut Meet Up
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Hello Houston area Bladers, This week I will be hosting a unranked burst event. Ranked will come summer time due to me living between 2 differenr areas for College. This meet up is for spring break

This event will be Burst Standard so please double check your parts to ensure they follow the current banlist. You can find the list of ban parts as well as the rules here

The event is in a local park in the stated address. We will be playing outside. The equipment we will be using is a Burst standard for the tournament. And a hasbro metal fusion stadium for Freeplay. If anyone wishes to bring more Burst standard types to the event or just have questions or concerns please contact me or leave a comment below. 

Please ensure your following all rules and treating your fellow bladers with respect. Hope you all have fun
This event has been approved.
please preprocess(spreadsheet, winning combos, etc.) this event, it is outside the 14 day period and future events will not be approved until this one is preprocessed.
my apologies. no event was fired as there was not enough participants, I apologize for not bringing up that this was canceled

here is the spread sheet,

I am not sure how I would preprocess for a non ranked event
This event has been processed.