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Full Version: Beyblade Burst QuadStrike Episode #3 (April 5, 2023)
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3) Rise Up! Gambit Dragon Soars!
Gachi Kita~a! Gatoringu Doragon!!
Air Date: Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 at 3:00pm (Disney XD US)

World-class Blader and loveable goofball, Dante Koryu, has arrived at Phantom's Gate to challenge the Dark Prince. Pax has ordered Quadra to battle Bel once again.

1 episode each days in your country ? Like in France ? omg
how do you find this?
This is some image of Dante Koryu accpeting a beybattle & his Elemental Bey, Gambit Dragon hitting Cyclone Roktavor in the stadium.

[Image: 339145999_185809010899506_74778887258618...e=642DB3A4]

Gambit Dragon & Cyclone Roktavor beybattle scene:

[Image: 339127871_785377156341927_68241435725063...e=642D13B2]

[Image: 339064569_121429144171462_20961501782994...e=642CDC43]

[Image: 339424496_669897774941399_49971310820366...e=642C422A]

Including one of Bel, Pri, & Dante looked up for a beybattle:

[Image: 339416741_933288781317675_28163851834809...e=642C6713]
Episode preview added.
Here is the Preview of Dante Koryu in Phantom Gate against Bel, the images of it will come very soon.

I got some images of Gambit Dragon attacking at Divine Belfyre, while Lightning Pandora dive bomb from above coming soon.
Excited for next episode but I’ll be honest I find it a little weird we are once again getting Bell vs Quadra considering these episodes are 22 minutes and this is suppose to be a Dante episode nonetheless excited for this episode
Here what the episode description said, Blader & Goofball Dante Koryu have arrived to Phantom Gate to challenge the Dark Prince. Pax order his sister to battle Bel once again.
The Japanese title has been added. The Japanese to English translation is "GT is Here! Gatling Dragon!!".

Thanks to for helping with the translation.
Episode 3 Thoughts:
One of the best episodes I've watched in a while. It had everything: the comedy, one of the best and hilarious battle royales ever. Also, the fact that Ranzo keeps getting the Ws this season and I'm all for it. This season has been far better than Sparking and DB thus far.

I can only imagine this season getting better because from the looks of it, the phantom's gate is going to get loaded soon with all the legendary bladers training there.
That ending shot of Pri/Quadra on the bed... Whatever, but overall this episode is dope. Ranzo now feels what it's like for a Kiyama to get ignored by a Legend. Last time, it was Rantaro getting the ignore treatment by Dante and Lui.
This episode was very light but action packed and like episode 2 it had tons of great character interactions. Bel and Quadra seem to be very interested in Dante.

Ranzo scenes are always funny. Hanami didn't even notice he was battling lol.

The battle itself was short but sweet and Dragon's avatar looks cold.

Pax scenes always hype me up.

One thing I did love about the episode were the callbacks we got on Dante's battles in Rise.

Overall i'd give this episode a 8.5/10
Agreed, out of the 3 episodes out so far this is definitely my favorite. Solid battle and some actually funny jokes.
Another good episode.
Kind of amusing that you can tell where in the original Japanese script that the writers wrote in Gatling Dragon’s gimmicks like the Bound DB Core and the BU Blade’s mode change, but the animators only animated glow due to Gambit's lack of said gimmicks.
Episode had some pretty good jokes, and the running gag of Ranzo being ignored to the point of winning by default is funny. I do hope that Dante takes Ranzo's advice and cleans out his ears though, 'cause like dude... you don't need to yell the entire episode, we can hear you just fine 🗿

Also got a pretty good laugh out of the obvious gimmick activations where nothing actually happened!