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Full Version: Minnesota Beyblade: Metal Mania
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The first ranked Metal Fight tournament in Minnesota!

This event will take place March 4th. Venue will be the Maple Grove Community Center Room 147. Use the Ice Arena Entrance to get in. We will have an event cap of 16 players. Please make sure you reply to the thread and press join tournament to join. Sign-ups are first come first serve. We will be playing Metal Fight Limited format. There will also be a free-play area available with no fee required to be paid. Fee subject to change based on number of participants.  Prizes are
1st- $25 gift card
2nd- Deck box

Listing will be updated with all new info as it becomes available.
This event has been approved.
See you guys this Saturday!
Super hyped!
First tournament
One more sleep
This event has been approved.