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Full Version: Beys In The Bay @ SVCardArt #1: Initiation
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  1. Welcome to the first Beys In the Bay event! I will attempt to hold them monthly, and format will vary. This event is using the B-33 Burst Standard type stadium. We currently only have one, and extra stadiums for playing/testing would be greatly appreciated.The first event will be BURST STANDARD, which uses all available parts from both Hasbro and Takara Tomy. I DO NOT have any extra parts so PLEASE make sure all of your parts are legal for the format (no fakes, breaks, etc). If you have any questions, feel free to dm me ( Deadly_162#5075 ) on discord. Judges so far (subject to change): Deadly_162, KS Hobby    PRIZING: $2 per win, overall winner gets a bey of their choice from a selection (note: they're mostly Hasbro but a fet are good for burst limited)
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