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Full Version: [METAL FUSION STOCK] Tune into your childhood! Metal Fusion STOCK!
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California's First Metal FUSION Stock Format!

We will only be using Beyblades from the FIRST SEASON of the anime, Beyblade Metal FUSION. 

*We will not be providing the Beyblades, you must bring the beyblade you pick*

[b]There will be no Duplicates of ANY Beyblade - so reserve your beyblade now by commenting on this post on what Beyblade you will be using[/b]

Example Beyblades you can use:

1. Storm Pegasis 105RF Reserved by Cindercast
2. Lightning L-Drago 100HF Reserved by Eddiehh
3. Rock Leone 145WB Reserved by A-pAc
4. Storm Aquario 100HF/S - Reserved by GrimlyReaper
5. Dark Bull H145SD reserved by Cyclone Of Fury's Dad
6. Rock Aries ED145B - Reserved by Vulcan's Mom
7. Flame Sagittario C145S reserved by Cyclone Of Fury
8. Earth Virgo GB145BS - BANNED
9. Rock Orso D125B - Reserved by Bandit
10. Storm Capricorn M145Q - Reserved by DeathSkull64
11. Dark Gasher CH120SF reserved by Tetsuyas1fan
12. Evil Gemios DF145FS - Available
13. Thermal Pisces T125ES - Reserved by Vulcan Eagle
14. Poison Serpent SW145SD Reserved by Grim
15. Flame Libra T125ES - reserved by Kingz_hero
16. Burn Phoenix 135ES/MB (Metal Sharp Banned, either Eternal Sharp or Metal ball to replace it) reserved  Phoenix Haven
17. Rock Scorpio T125JB - Reserved by Citryte
18. Cyber Pegasis 100HF - Reserved by Melv
19. Dark Wolf DF145FS - Narrow SpeedStar

Earth Eagle and Earth Virgo is banned

if you guys don't have any, ask me in the comments what beyblade you want to use, I may have it available to bring.

First Stage & Finals will be 1 on 1 with first stage to 3 points and Finals to 5 points. ROUND ROBIN!

Mode changes will be allowed at any time

There will be no Duplicates of ANY Beyblade - so reserve your beyblade now by commenting on this post on what Beyblade you will be using


it is a first come first serve basis

Tournament Start time: 12:00 PM (SHARP!!!)
Stadium: BB-10 Stadium

Prizes! Sponsored by Beysandbricks! Thank you! 

1st Place: $25
2nd Place: $15
3rd Place: $10
This event has been approved.
Dark Bull please
only two more beyblades available!
Poison Serpent is now available
Updated the post with the request Beyblades!

Also, added Prizes! Thank you BeysandBricks!
please preprocess(spreadsheet, winning combos, etc.) this event, it is outside the 14 day period and future events will not be approved until this one is preprocessed. Staff needs access to the spreadsheet.
This event has been processed.