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Full Version: What are the best Beyblade combos competitively right now?
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I was wondering what I should use to build a good deck.
Right now, I was thinking of using:

Team 1:
Perfect Gear Dangerous Perceus
Vanish Longinus, Over, Bearing' -0
Superking Hyperion R, Giga, Metal Destroy -10

Team 2:
Zest Achillies, Over, Quatro' -4
(BU) Ultimate Valkyrie 2, Illegal, Metal Destroy' -10
Superking Hyperion R, Giga, Charge Metal' -0
None of them are too good or anything
if u must, go with team 1 cos i see only one meta combo there (Vanish Over Bearing')
the rest of ur combos, competitively, isn't too good

Perfect Gear Dangerous isn't too good, tho I suppose if you're planning to troll a little it's actually pretty aight with Amight+S/D+V
Metal Destroy isn't viable in DB/BU meta anymore, if u wanna run attack, get Quick'/Xtreme'/Metal Xtreme
Quattro' best utilized for only same spin matches (in Defense mode, it has the best stamina out of the 4 modes, better than Stamina), it is pretty good but LAD sucks in opposite spin. so if you rly wanna win with Quattro', you need to put it on a stamina layer like Dynamite+F/Wind
If you want to use Zest, it's a B-tier attack layer at max, and like i said previously, u need Quick'/Xtreme'/Metal Xtreme. reason Zest is B-tier: 1) too light at 9 grams (Guilty is 17g, for comparison) 2) knubs on the Zest layer are good sometimes but at other times too passive. too inconsistent.
Ultimate is a A-tier attack layer, other than needing Quick'/Xtreme'/Metal Xtreme, many will also recommend adding Nexus+S/D to bolster its attack potential. But careful it might scrape easily.
Charge metal' mid