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Full Version: Route to BWC: Florida Regionals
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Hosted by CONCE7

Saturday, March 18, 2023 in Orlando, FL
Format: Burst Standard


Beyblade Premier’s BWC Regionals Tournament is just around the corner and it’s going to be HYPE! Regional tournaments bring the best bladers from all over their respective state to one big battle to crown a Beyblade champion who’ll earn a ticket pass into the Beyblade World Cup (BWC). 

As the poster child of your state, we’ll print custom banners of you at the World Cup (with your permission of course) and you’ll get to battle in the opening exhibition match of BWC. This is the real deal, so start training and make sure to assemble your best combos!

We guarantee that you will leave with the new friends and an amazing memories.


Participant Cap

While everyone will be welcome to spectate and participate in free play, there will be a participant cap of 32 Players.

Player's fee: $10
Spectator's fee: $5

How to Register

To confirm your spot in the event:

  • First, purchase your tickets to BWC FLORIDA REGIONALS. Please make sure to include your WBO username on the "cart" page before checkout.
  • Then, after your purchase, our staff will add you to this tournament page as a participant.
  • We will send your e-tickets via email. Make sure to use a valid email when making your purchase. Check your SPAM folder as well. If you have not received your e-tickets 7 days before the event, please reach out to or holla to

Please note: Spectators tickets will be limited and subject to space availability. Get yours early to secure your entry to the event. Tickets purchases will close as soon as we either have 32 players.

**You may request to cancel your ticket(s) for a full refund up to March 10, 2023. Cancellations between 3/11/2023 and 3/18/2022 will receive full store credit in In the unfortunate event that Beyblade Premier or Marriott Hotels cancels the event before 3/18/2022, each player and spectator will receive a full refund in 24 hours or less of the announcement. When you register for this event, you agree to these terms.

[Image: button-get-your-tickets-1.png]

Important Note:
You only need to buy the player's ticket in order to get added to the tournament. Once your purchase is completed, your username will get added to the tournament.


Date: March 18, 2023 @ 1:00 PM EST

Location: Wyndham Orlando International Drive

Tournament Schedule: See Below

This is an all-day event. Please plan accordingly.  There are many food options around the venue, including the hotel.

Format: P3C1 / Swiss (Burst Standard)

Age Bracket:  There are no age limitations in WBO Tournaments.

Free Play: We will have a designated free play area for spectators, testing, and in-between battles.

We have prepared a full day of excitement for attendance and players.

  • 09:30AM - 10:45AM: Check-in Available for Genesis Numero Once
  • 11:00AM - 1:15PM: Genesis Numero Once (unranked)
  • 1:00PM - 4:30PM: Road to Beyblade World Cup: FLORIDA REGIONALS (ranked)

[Image: Screen-Shot-2023-02-07-at-10-20-00-PM.png]

** CardsPlug Cards will be customized and sent after event is concluded. We will need pictures of the blader. 


RULES & RESOURCES: Please follow all WBO Rules and please be respectful to the venue.

- Burst Format Rulebook

- Event Photography Policy

- Account Registration Guide

MUST READ: COVID-19 Requirements in Effect

Due to COVID-19, all tournament participants and attendees are required to abide by the requirements outlined and linked in full detail below. If you do not, you may be asked to leave the tournament area. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

WBO COVID Guidelines: Please click here.

1. Feeling unwell? Stay at home.
2. Wearing a mask or face covering is optional.
3. Do not lend or play with others equipment.
4. During beyblade inspection, disassemble beyblades for judges.

5. Only bladers registered before the tournament day may participate.
6. Eliminated from the tournament? Enjoy other activities around the venue.
This event has been approved.
Not missing this one Tongue_out
Hey I really didn't want to do this but I need some help. I really would like to be able to attend the regionals being held by BBP in Orlando on the 18th. Now the issue I am having and that I need help with is that I need a ride to the tournament. I'm located on the gulf coast of FL and ruffly 2hrs 30mins southwest from Orlando so an Uber is out of the questions cause of how much its costs ($125 both ways so a total of $250). So I'm reaching out here to see if any other blader who is going to Regionals and located around were I am would be willing to help another blader out. If you think you can help me out please feel free to dm and I'll give you a more accurate location. Thanks you taking your time to read this and i hope that someone is able to help me!
This event has been processed.