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Full Version: 1v1 Seattle! 2-12-23
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1v1 Ranked Event
Attention all bladers! Join us as we compete in another ranked 1v1 event. This will be your second to last chance to qualify for the invitational event in March. This is an open event for players of any skill level! We will be at the beautiful Crestview park on the 12th of this month.

Players will need at least 1 beyblade and launcher manufactured by Hasbro or Takara Tomy. If you make it to the finals you will need up to 3 beyblades with no repeating parts. To be fair to everyone, staff and volunteers will not be lending out parts or launchers to players.

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Format: Burst, 1v1, ranked
Participant Cap: 24
Number of Takara Tomy Stadiums: 3-4  
4 extra stadiums on the side for free play.


There is no restroom as of now, I recommend using the public restroom in the Safeway on the corner. Please let us know if you are leaving and we will postpone your matches.
  • There are limited tables and seats. I recommend bringing your own chair.

[Image: wdaadwdw.png]

 The top 4 players get invites to the invitational event in March.

Tournament Details

Check-in will begin at 11:00 AM. Please arrive by 11:25 AM to check in. We are starting promptly at 11:35 AM. Please bear with me, I will try to make this event run as smoothly/quickly as possible.

(the event may end earlier or later depending on the number of players we have)

Check out the West Coast Bladers Discord server (13+):
This event has been approved.
I hope to redeem myself this time
why not p3c1?
(Feb. 05, 2023  2:25 AM)Xorn23 Wrote: [ -> ]why not p3c1?

Takes too long.
Can't make it this time, hoping to be at the next one.
Attention everyone!! The time has changed to 1:30 PM. Also, the prizes have been updated.
I'm ready for tomorrow
I will be at the park at noon if anyone wants to show up early and practice.
I won’t be able to make it
This event has been processed.