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Full Version: Metal Fight 4D: the demolition Boyz
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Participant cap 20

What to bring for Metal Fight 4D: Bring launchers, Legal parts for limited, including Pre zero-G era parts, all 4d wheels minus duo and, all tracks minus E230 and all tips minus RDF. No Synchromes. 


Participant Cap: 20
CoHosting with Zenos

These are the WBO safety recommendations for Covid
1. Feeling unwell? Stay at home.
2. Wear a Mask or Face Covering
3. Thumbs Up Instead of Handshakes
4. Do Not Lend or Play with Others Equipment
5. During Beyblade Inspection, Disassemble Beyblades for Judges
6. Do Not Bring More Than 1 Person With You
7. Maintain Physical Distancing (2 meters/6 feet apart)
8. After each Match Judges Must Disinfect Stadium
9. Only Bladers Registered Before the Tournament Day may Participate
10. Eliminated from the tournament? You must leave the tournament area.

If you would like to have more information on both the wbo guidelines as well as the Indiana Hamilton county covid-19 guidelines check the links below.

WBO Covid Guidelines
State guidelines: Hamilton county guidelines

Prizes: Prizes will funded by my own budget. I will be making updates in the thread as we get closer to the event

Stadium: BB10
This event has been approved.
When will you host a Beyblade Burst Tournament in Indiana?
I was gonna ask the same thing💯
there is a planned event for March in the works. That event should be up after my February events are processed.
please preprocess(spreadsheet, winning combos, etc.) this event, it is outside the 14 day period and future events will not be approved until this one is preprocessed. Staff needs access to the spreadsheet.
This event has been processed.