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Full Version: KID CUDI
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best rapper ever y/y?
pretty much every song from man on the moon is amazing

and the 2 released so far from MOTM2 (one released by cudi, one leaked) are AMAZING
I have Man on the Moon, but I could never really get into it. I only really like Enter Galactic from his non-single releases.

Prefer Crookers Remix of Day 'n' Nite, but Make Her Say is very good also.
You heard heart of a lion? imo best song on man on the moon. i literally listened to it non-stop for a month.
hey I got his album, liked his mixtape, but hes far from greatest rapper ever.. for me at least
he is great tho, and will def only get better

for me, soundtrack 2 my life was on repeat. its the illest of them to me
MOTM2 is out november 9, but leaked on friday