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Full Version: WCB Starbreakers: The World - [Winter Finals Day 2]
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The World - Winter 22/23

This is a 3on3 Burst GT Tournament. Please be sure to have the following.
  • At least three legal combinations for this format.
  • A legal Beyblade Launcher
  • Good Sportsmanship!

You may view the Burst GT rules here:

Challonge:  | Spreadsheet:  

[Image: unknown.png]
meet up here!

Important Notes

- Registration will start at 11:15AM and will end at 11:50AM. Plan your trip beforehand and plan to arrive before or during registration. Account for traffic please! If you believe you will be arrive around 5-10 minutes later please contact me through PM's or Discord (Cindercast#0476).
- Tournaments can last up to 5 hours. If you need to leave during the tournament please talk to the host.
- If you are borrowing any parts, be sure to return them to the original owner.

More Info >>
Format: Burst GT, Match Type: 3on3, Participant Cap: x

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WCB Community Thread:

WCB Rankings Thread:
This event has been approved.

Hello everyone! Just a heads up about this event.

The invite system for both of these events does not work as intended and I'm not sure when this will fix. So, if you have made it to top 4 or 1st place at a Team event as of September 22 of last year and until March 1 of this year, you will be added to this event. (You will know if you are added to the event)

Participation is not mandatory. Please be aware of this. Registration will mean you can attend if you are able to.
I'm excited for this in just a little over 2 weeks
Hello everyone! This event has been moved forward to 12:00 PM.
Hey Cinder, it's gonna rain on the 19th so what's the plan?
(Mar. 15, 2023  4:49 PM)lil-iz Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Cinder, it's gonna rain on the 19th so what's the plan?

If it does rain then this event will be postponed to the next weekend. As of my knowledge now there is a 25% chance of rain. I will update the next following days about the event.

It has seem to gone down to 16%. As of now the event is still going as planned.
Looks like it's going to be raining during the event. As I will be busy with the next few months I don't have any other choice but to cancel for today. I apologize for anyone who was looking forward to coming for this event.

[Image: Screenshot_2023-03-19-08-38-41-058.jpg]

Attention everyone attending. This event will be taken over by Vulcan Eagle. The thread will stay up but he will be in charge of getting everything done.

This event has also been moved back to 03.25
A reminder to everyone.
This event is still happening on March 25th at 12 PM
I have decided to turn this as into a deck format event since I'm in charge of this event now and I can do what I want.
Be sure to arrive on time so we can run this tournament efficiently.

Putting a 10 minute delay to the start time because I don't know how many people from the invite list will actually come. At the moment I'm assuming that everyone who signed up for california BWC will also attend this
please preprocess(spreadsheet, winning combos, etc.) this event, it is outside the 14 day period and future events will not be approved until this one is preprocessed.
This event has been processed.