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Full Version: rdf slander - [RDF Banned] (very cancelled)
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metl standrd

This is a 3on3 Metal Fight Standard Tournament. Please be sure to have the following.
  • At least three legal combinations for this format that does not include RDF.
  • A legal Beyblade Launcher
  • Good Sportsmanship!

You may view the Metal Fight Standard rules on this page.

Challonge:  | Spreadsheet:  

[Image: unknown.png]
meet up here!

Important Notes

- Registration will start at 1:00PM and will end at 1:25PM. Plan your trip beforehand and plan to arrive before or during registration. Account for traffic please! If you believe you will be arrive around 5-10 minutes later please contact me through PM's or Discord (Cindercast#0476).
- Tournaments can last up to 5 hours. If you need to leave during the tournament please talk to the host.
- If you are borrowing any parts, be sure to return them to the original owner.

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Format: Metal Fight Standard, Match Type: 3on3, Participant Cap: 18 Swiss

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This event has been approved.
A tournament on Super Bowl Sunday! 🏈
Hi everyone registered right now! (Or just kingz hi there)

Lack of participants so just gonna cancel this event please don't show up thanks 👍
This event has been processed.