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Full Version: [4D STOCK!] Which Beyblade will YOU claim?
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California's First 4D Metal Fight Stock Format!

We will only be using 4D Beyblades in STOCK form that came directly from the ANIME characters (with some exceptions)

Example Beyblades you can use:

1. Beat Lynx TH170WD
2. Blitz Striker 100RSF - Claimed By Eddiehh
3. Big Bang Pegasis FGrin
4. Death Quetzacoatl 125RDF claimed by MrPokemon
5. Diablo Nemesis XGrin  claimed by Tomeshi
6. Fusion Hades AD145SWD - Claimed by RKOMaster555
7. Kreis Cygnus 145WD
8. L-Drago Destroy FConfused Claimed by Cindercast
9. Omega Dragonis 85XF
10. Phantom Orion BGrin  Claimed by A-Pac
11. Scythe Kronos T125EDS Claimed by Citryte
12. Variares DGrin claimed by Kingz_hero
13. Wing Pegasis 90WF claimed by Cyclone of Fury
14. L-Drago Guardian S130MB Claimed by Phoenix Haven
15. Jade Jupiter S130RB  Claimed by Vulcan Eagle
16. Fang Leone 130W2D claimed by Killer phantom
17. Mercury Anubis 
18. Flash Sagittario - Claimed by PrimeBurst

DUO Uranus is banned

First Stage & Finals will be 1 on 1 with first stage to 3 points and Finals to 5 points. Mode changes in any way will be allowed after each round. 

There will be no duplicates of any Beyblade - so reserve your Beyblade now by commenting on this post on what Beyblade you will be using. 


It is a first come first serve basis. 

Tournament Start time: 12:00 PM (SHARP!!) 
Stadium: BB-10 Stadium
Prizes: (Will be added soon) 
This event has been approved.
Phantom Orion
Claiming Jade Jupiter
L drago Gaurdian
Ldrago destroy
blitz striker
Diablo Nemesis
Variares DD
I want to come to this but I live in Maryland
I call Dibs on death queztacoatl
I choose fang lione. Because… its funny
Scythe Kronos!
Flash saggitario
Fusion Hades
diablo if not kronos and if not variaris
can you use metal face bolts
Full disclaimer, I won't be attending this tournament, so this comment isn't meant to try to claim this beyblade, but I'm really surprised wing Pegasus wasn't taken yet. Its really good IMO.
(Jan. 20, 2023  4:18 AM)NaBlade Wrote: [ -> ]can you use metal face bolts

You can only run "anime stock" as mentioned. Metal facebolts will not be legal for this event.
No plan of coming, but could you use the stock of lets say, wing pegasus but have the wbba blue wing with 90 wf
k then just asking
(Jan. 21, 2023  7:41 PM)magnetoisbroken Wrote: [ -> ]No plan of coming, but could you use the stock of lets say, wing pegasus but have the wbba blue wing with 90 wf

Recolors are legal. The parts just have to match the parts used.
I want Variares D
Wing Pegasis please.
Updated all the picks -

Also - I will allow beyblades that appeared in the 4D anime like Screw Lyra - Bakushin Belzeeb etc.
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