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Full Version: Feedback Thread: Rebounds Experimental Period
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Hello World Bladers!

In line with today's announcement, we will be using this thread to keep on top of feedback for the Rebound experimental period, which is available for Organizer's to propose events for starting today.

This experimental period does not have a definitive timeline as of yet, as we are mostly interested in seeing how well this kind of change is received by Organizers, Judges, and participants before making any decisions on the topic. We intend to keep a close eye on this and hope that everyone will be willing to give us their feedback over time to inform any future decision.

Please note that while the goal for any experimental period is to craft a ruling usable in the future, not all experimental rulings see the light of day either, hence being "experimental". So, whether your feedback is positive or negative, please ensure you voice your input! Constructive critisism is (and always will be) welcome as well!

Ruleset Details

For events running this experimental ruleset, the following rules adjustments are in effect:

Format Rulebook - Gameplay Appendix - Knocked-Out Wrote:
A Beyblade is knocked-out when it exits the play area and does not return. Beyblades stuck on an element of a stadium are still considered in-play.

Beyblades that bounce back into the stadium after exiting the play area are still considered in play.
Format Rulebook - How to Win Wrote:
To win a match, a Blader must score enough points (3-5) to meet the victory requirement of the Match Type being used.

You score point(s) when:
  • The opposing Beyblade stops spinning
  • The opposing Beyblade exits the BeyStadium (2 Points)
  • The opposing Beyblade bursts, OR if Frame, God Chip, or Driver Chip comes off 

All other rulings are in line with the current version of the relevant Format rulebook.

Hosting this Ruleset

Experimental events are Unranked events, and must be proposed with the following included information:
  • Match Type set to "Experimental".
  • Rank Status set to "Unranked".
  • Event description must include mention of this experimental ruleset being in effect. This should include the above rulings, alongside a link back to this thread for feedback.
While this may seem excessive to some, this is to ensure that all Bladers are aware of what they are signing up to ahead of an event day. If you have an already approved event that you would like to convert to an experimental event running this ruleset, please contact a member of Staff for guidance on how best to do this.

Hosted Events
  1. None yet! Could you be the first?

A huge thank you to all Bladers providing feedback on this experimental ruling, and to Organizers and Event Participants for trialling this ruling at eventstoo! All feedback will be carefully considered by the Organized Play team ahead of a decision at a later date.
Experimental Event:

3on3 stage one
Deck match type final stage

Shindog, Vulcan Eagle, RacingCheetahz (all WBO organizers)

  • 49 matches included 6 matches that produced wall bounces/rebounds, 3 of which actually affected the outcome.  So at about 6%
  • Players expressed that the 2 point KO is a the larger system shock than the wall bounce/rebound 
  • Event ran very quickly as 2 point KOs sped things up.  Nearly all experienced players carried attack in their 3on3 & deck match type decks.  
  • Due to the ability to score 2 points more consistently in stage 1, the number of reshuffles of 3on3 decks decreased.  
  • Due to attack being played in many 3on3 decks at position 1 or 2, fewer LAD matches occurred at those positions.
  • Little video recording was necessary all day.   LAD battles just did not occur as much and KOs did not need much checking.
Some finals footage:

Shin LA Burst Standard (Experimental rebound/wall bounce) 2-4-23: Finals Shindog vs lil-iz

Shin LA BST (Exp rebound/wall bounce) 2-4-23: 3rd place match match Vulcan Eagle vs RacingCheetahz

Shin LA BST (Experimental rebound/wall bounce) 2-4-23: Semi-Final lil-iz vs RacingCheetahz

Shin LA BST (Experimental rebound/wall bounce) 2-4-23: Semi-Final Shindog vs Vulcan Eagle


Will post once and if more events/observations become available and it’s time for discussion with more data. Trying to keep this most more objective, at this time.