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Full Version: Ray Unicorno D125CS Article Attempt
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Face: Unicorno

The face of Ray Unicorno depicts Monoceros, one of the 88 constellations in space. Monoceros depicts the Unicorn.

Clear Wheel: Unicorno

The Unicorno clear wheel was initially released in a teal tint. It features three unicorns with orange horns. The version of this Clear Wheel that comes with the Starter set is an opaque teal, well the versions included in the Booster is clear teal.

Metal Wheel: Ray

Ray consists of three separated protrusions; the slight gaps between the protrusions on the outer part of the wheel provide it with Smash Attack. The gaps curve outwards more on the inner part of Ray. Each protrusion has a flat front with a tip slightly slanted upwards on the end. In the inside of Ray, the letters R-A-Y can be seen on the top of each protrusion. Every protrusion has two slightly squared dents that allow for stickers to be placed on them, with a total of six stickers that can be placed on the sides of the Wheel. Three more stickers can also be placed on the top of Ray. Ray has shown some prominent Smash Attack when placed at the 100 Track. However, WB is now outclassed, which leaves Ray to only be used against CS, RS or RSF based Defense types. Since Ray is unable to keep up with these said Defense types, Ray has become outclassed.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations
Ray has two different molds. The first mold was released in the Ray Unicorno D125CS Starter Set, and the second mold was released with the Ray Unicorno D125CS Aurora Version, the Ray Unicorno D125CS Booster Set, and Ray Gil 100RSF. The second mold rectifies the original mold’s breakage problems, with the gaps between the second mold are slightly wider and are more rounded on the inner gaps of Ray than the original mold.

Use in Attack Customization

Though Ray has very little use at the moment due to WB no longer being one of the Top-Tier Defense bottoms, Ray can be utilized in the Attack customization, Ray Unicorno 100RF/R²F.

Track: Defense 125

Defense 125 is similar to 125 and Tornado 125. Apart from the shifts in weight distribution and air resistance, there are few notable differences. The ring serves no significant defensive purposes. The track’s relatively low height prevents the opponent’s Bey from making any sort of consistent contact. D125 is an outclassed track for Stamina and Defense Customizations. In Ray Unicrono's Starter set, the track is opaque, well it's clear in the Booster.

Use in Attack customization:

D125 can be used to some extent in some Attack customizations. MF Gravity Perseus D125RF is one of those combinations.

Use in Defense customization:

For defense, if GB145 is unavailable, D125 can be used as a substitute Track in the combo Metal Face-Heavy Earth Aquario D125RS/RSF/CS.

Use in Stamina customization:

For stamina, D125 still finds a niche in the combo Burn Bull D125D/SD/WD

Bottom: Coat Sharp

CS, as the name implies, is derived from it being a standard plastic S series bottom, with the addition of a rubber coat. It acts very similar to the FS bottom and the Metal Change Core from the HMS era. This bottom was deemed the first S series bottom that has use, due to the bottom's extreme versatility. Coat Sharp has different attack patterns produced by the rubber coat. When it is launched at an angle or hit onto the stadium's slope, it will move more aggressively due to the increase in the amount of traction CS has on the stadium. CS also has Top-Tier Defense capabilities, because the rubber coat allows for more friction once it gets moved onto the stadium's slope, causing more grip. However, CS, like RSF, has been outclassed by RS. One of the downsides of CS is that when bladers use the CS tip in mint condition, it is difficult to control because it's not aggresive in mint condition. This is because the plastic sharp tip will extend too far from the rubber coat, and owners of a CS tip are recommended to have practice battles to wear down the plastic sharp tip. If a blader wants an offensive CS, they should shoot the beyblade with CS at a straight angle, but if they want a defensive tip, they should shoot the beyblade at an angle to the stadium. This should be done prior to any competitive situation. Like the Track and Clear Wheel, the bottom is clear in the Booster but opaque in the Starter set.

Use in Defense customization:

For defense, the combo Metal Face-Heavy Earth Aquario GB145CS has shown good defense potential with Coat Sharp as its bottom.

Other Versions:
Ray Unicorno D125CS Aurora Version (Transparent+purple horns, purple Metal Wheel and transparent Track and Bottom)
Burn Unicorno SW145JB - Random Booster Vol.5 Grand Ketos (Orange+purple horns)
Poison Unicorno 130HF - Random Booster Vol.5 Grand Ketos (Yellow+blue horns)


Ray Unicorno is often considered the best Attack type Beyblade uncustomized, due to the extreme versatility of CS and the mediocre Smash Attack qualities of Ray. Even though Ray and CS are outclassed in Attack and Defense by Vulcan and RS respectively, this Bey is still a great purchase. Every Blader should own at least one of this Beyblade.
should have something about differences in performance with CS out of the box,Also ray is conciderd a good attack wheel which you should mention...
Honestly, I think we should leave this article to someone who has it.
Nice effort, though.
Thanks for trying, but there really needs to be more content in a Beywiki article. One or two sentences describing a part isn't nearly enough.

And as it says in the worklist thread:
Kei Wrote:Note: Don't call it if you don't have it. The Beywiki is supposed to be a compendium of all things related to the Beyblade Hobby; so, we can't have people writing articles filled with baseless speculation about Beyblades they do not own or do not have any experience with. It's a waste of your time, and our time.
okay, thank you everyone for your constructive critcism.
i just got my ray unicorno and ray is pretty good. Also cs switches sometimes, when in battle it could have quite a bit of speed then stop before hitting the target, i dont know if other people have this problem, but it can make the performance of the beyblade suffer. the recoil on ray isnt as bad as one might think but it'll easily self ko in a battle. good article, but you really should leave it up to someone with the beyblade.
GodBro- you probably just haven't worn it adequately.
yeah, i think i need to wear it a bit more
OP editd with a revised version.
Honestly, this article needs a lot more substance. Really.
good effort. to take a small step, lets correct some of the typos and add some more substance to this.

agian, nice work
In the attack combo I don't think you should mention the clear wheel since it makes no difference to the combo what clear wheel is used and may confuse some members that it needs Pegasis 2 when this is not true.
Fixed. I changed all the clear-wheel combos with "_______" except of course, the Lightning LDrago combo and the Flame Unicorno. I kept the Flmae Unicorno becuase I honestly think it will be a good Smah Destabilizer. Also, does anyone have any reccommendations for expanding the clear and metal wheel sections. That would be much appreciated.
I'm not sure if I'm correct because I don't have a ray unicorno, but I have heard of 2 molds for ray, that should be mentioned(if I am correct, if I am not, then just forget about what I just wrot). I also think you need quite a bit more info in the sections
needs a LOT more substance... I think for starters you should fix the technical and grammatical errors, then proceed on to listing only the COMPETITIVE COMBO'S only as these are the one's that are accepted by everyone in the community.
yah the second mold is in ray gill

...........useing the clear wheel like that?

...........not much to say about ray?
I wasn't sure if spelling mistakes sould be posted but you spelled parts wrong in the "Overall" section
I feel like i'm having problems getting my CS to wear. i like Unicorno but not being able to use its attack power is getting to me a bit.
People just don't get CS : \
If you want an all out attack bottom, get RF/R2F.
I have that. that wasn't really the problem i just wanted to use my Unicorno at its uncustomized best.
nice work canm you put more info on ray i mean it a top tier attack wheel
Edited. D125 from BeyWiki and credits to RayJoker for the Ray section.
I posted this on another Ray draft, and again I don't know if this is important, but Ray features the Letters R-A-Y Next to one of each the Horns/Protrusions. I'm just posting this because other Articles Had mentioned Lacerta and Galaxy were written on the clear wheel and Perseus was written on the Perseus face. I think it's a cool little detail
I'll fix that tommorow. I'm too tired to do it now.
Alright, I added what xXKaiouyaXx had said.
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