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Full Version: Beyblade Competition Malaysia(2023)
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Hello Malaysia Blader,

If you ever wonder if there still
competition on Malaysia yet?
Yes there is!

You can visit Kuching,Sarawak
They're having a Passion Celebration
with Faca Fest 2023
(Collection & Cosplay)

You can go check out Faca Fest 2023
on Instagram now!

You can visit me for register ScanCode
or chat me in Insta!

The Beyblade Competition starting on:
Date:28 January 2023
Time:10 AM - 5 PM
Venue:Plaza Merdeka Mall
Pay: RM 10

I lost my wbba account lol.
Malaysia bey community is so much bigger than Singapore's, yall can afford bigger number of participants and prize pools 😭