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Full Version: Crimson cursed beyblades
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So I have a question and although I am pretty sure I already know the answer I still want to  Ask just because I would like to know the reasoning behind it. Are the beyblades that crimson cursed makes legal for tournament play. I understand that the rules regarding modifications of beyblades say that they're not allowed. In every single case that I've ever heard brought up about modified beyblades it's always 3-D printing or even super glue. But the crimson cursed Beyblades use dyes they don't change the contact points they don't add weight they do not Make the Bay more fragile or more burst resistant. There is no physical change or modification other than the asthetic color. Again I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a no  I just really and curious as to why. Again it changes nothing it adds nothing Other than color. The same wine spill would dye a carpet or a shirt but it doesn't add weight it doesn't change the physical makeup it doesn't affect it in any way other than changing the color. Can someone please give me an intelligent reasonable logical answer to this other the standard nonsense