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Full Version: The Power of Friendship! California's TEAM Beyblade Tournament!
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Beyblade Metal Fight Limited -


This tournament is INVITE only! If you want to join, message or . Or you can comment on this post requesting to join. Be 100% sure you can come before requesting to join

How this will work - 

We will be doing teams of 3, all you have to do is make sure you are 100% coming and show up. We will put everyone's name in a bucket and drawing random teams. Because we are doing teams of 3, we will have a cap of 21 participants. In the case where we have 17 players signed up, one group will have 2 people. 

Again, PLEASE PLEASE make sure you can 100% join before signing up. This will assure that the tournament process goes smoothly. 

Battle System 

How team battles will work - 

Each team needs to get 3 team points to win. 

To get a team point, you will battle against one member from opposing team, first person to get 3 battle points will get 1 team point for their team.

Both teams will structure the player order that they're going against before the battle starts

Format: Round Robin

If we a full 7 teams, top 4 teams will move onto finals. 

Semi-finals will be first to 6 points, using deck format. 

Finals will be first to 9 points, using deck format.

Deck format in teams:

It will be like the regular deck format, but you will switch or stay your teammates.


Each team will be using 3 total beyblades. Meaning one person will only be using ONE beyblade during their match. 

No repeating parts amongst teammates.

Stadium: Shin TA



1st Place Team

2nd Place Team

3rd Place Team
This event has been approved.
It will be super fun!!!!!
the ldrago returns
team eddiehh rise
Count me in!
Team PHW Baby!
This will be my first tournament, but you can count me in! Smile
Cap has been increased to 24!

Join while you can!
I don’t think I can go guys
Let`s Go! First Ever Metal Fight Limited TEAM Tournament!
I will legit remember this tournament cuz I finally achieved my goal of defeating Virtuous Circle and it felt so good defeating my Arch-rival and overall the tournament was super fun
The matches for this event are now processed.