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Full Version: New organizer in town. Let's start building a community! -EVENT CANCELLED
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Hello everyone, I'm NOSeffect/Jet. 

I'm looking to host a relaxed 3v3 tournament to begin building a community in the Hampton Roads area. Sorry it's little bit last minute but I just got my organizer a bit ago lol. 

The tournament will be held under one of the shelters at Portsmouth City Park. They are first come first serve during the fall/winter, so I will try to arrive early and secure one. I will post an update on here when I get there Saturday and let everyone know for sure where I am located. 

I have two standard stadiums and two stadium stands for tournament use as well as a few mats for kneeling/sitting. 

My wife and I will be the staff/judges for the tournament. However, if there are any other experienced judges in the area that can also attend, it would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you there!
This event has been approved.
Oh dang! Already have plans for that day but it’s exciting to see another VA organizer!
Sorry I can’t come! This is the busiest weekend for me in a long time. I hope to be at your next tournament! 😁🤞
Hey guys, no worries! I will definitely be hosting more in the near future. I wanted to have one outside asap before it got too cold. Next tournament I will most likely have to look into an indoor venue.
Sounds good! I’m currently signed up for the Circuit right now, and I was starting to get worried about tournaments in the future. I’m super glad that more are to come in the area.
This matches for event have now been processed.