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Full Version: Let’s Get Rid of RDF!
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Michigan is back with another metal fight tournament, this time being Standard! The format will be p3c1 followed by deck format finals! 

This is an experimental standard event with RDF banned to see how the lack of rdf’s presence effects gameplay! The goal is to make metal fight standard a format that people enjoy and want to play! I’d like to see a change where RDF isn’t banned, but the Organizer can “choose” whether or not RDF can be played or not at their event. I believe a lot of the distaste and stigmas of Standard comes directly from RDF as it doesn’t promote healthy game play. 

The tournament will be located at Beacon Light Community Church in Muskegon! This means we have an indoor room with tables, chairs, and polished cement floors! The room is also heated thankfully. 

Please Bring Snacks!

This event is at a church, but the event will not have any religious affiliation that may offend others with different beliefs so please come out and have a good time! 


  • Registration starts at 10:30am and will end at 10:55am with the event starting shortly after. PLEASE Show up on time as once the event begins we most likely will not add you in. 
  • 10:55am to 11:00am I will go over rules and explain the format so people have an understanding of what’s happening.
  • This event may last up to 4 hours so please keep that in mind!
Host: ItsSwift
Participation cap: 24
Prizes: Prizes for this event have graciously been donated by BeyCentral. Prizes include MF-H Pegasus 85 RF, Gravity Perseus BD145 XF, & Dark Bull. Each of these will be accompanied by a string launcher and metal face!

Huge shoutout to for sponsoring this event and just being a great overall place to purchase mfb!

Do NOT Call the church with any questions about this event as they have zero affiliation with it as they have a community room they rent out for events. Calling them will only cause issues for both them and myself! If you have any questions please pm me here or on discord Swift#1955
This event has been approved.
please preprocess(spreadsheet, winning combos, etc.) this event, it is outside the 14 day period and future events will not be approved until this one is preprocessed.
The matches for this event have been processed.