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Full Version: TEAMPALOOZA: Battle Seattle Part 3! 11-06-22
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Please be aware of the covid levels in our county and stay informed with current health guidelines. I recommend wearing a mask but it is not mandatory.      

                                                                        Teamaplooza in the PNW!

The Teampalooza Series is our nationwide fall season tournament that allows bladers to build teams of 3 players to compete for monthly prizes, giveaways, and the chance of winning a FREE weekend for Teampalooza: Legends Festival on Dec 3-4th @ Orlando, FL

This event is open to all bladers. Any player without a team can partner with other bladers or groups.

Series Dates: August 1st to November 6th (1 tournament a month)
Match Styles: 3on3, each team member’s 3on3 deck must consist of 3 Beyblades with no repeating parts. Parts may be repeated throughout the team.
For full details and rules, please visit the TEAMPALOOZA thread on the WBO.

Format: Burst Standard, Team 3v3 , Ranked
Participant Cap: 15
Number of Takara Tomy Stadiums: 3 ( 4 extra for free play)

We will be under the only shelter at the park. It is next to the playground. This park shares a parking lot with a gated dog park. We will have free bottles of water and hand warmers available. I recommend bringing your own chair.


Check-in will begin at 11:00 AM. Please arrive by 11:30 AM to check in. We are starting promptly at 11:35 AM . Be prepared for the tournament to last until around 1-2PM. Please bear with me, I will try to make this event run as smoothly/quickly as possible.

Tips for arriving on time to WBO events:

(the event may end earlier or later depending on the amount of players we have)
This event has been approved.
I might come
would anyone want to team up?
(Oct. 28, 2022  12:31 AM)AnkoTheYonko Wrote: [ -> ]would anyone want to team up?

If one of my team mates cant make it you can join our team. Also if you join the event you will have a spot no matter what. 15 players = 5 teams. If we have less i will drop to make it even.
I wish I could come, it's just a little far out from where I am.
(Oct. 31, 2022  7:17 PM)BurstMaster Wrote: [ -> ]I wish I could come, it's just a little far out from where I am.

Hope you can make it to the next one!
This matches for event have now been processed.