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Full Version: It's your time, claim the throne! The ULTIMATE Metal Fight Limited Tournament.
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Don't have any Metal Fight Beyblades? No problem! We will have loaner Beyblades for anyone who'd like to try out Metal Fight!

All players have to read the following Metal Fight Limited Format rulebook prior to confirming your attendance to ensure that you or your child have the appropriate equipment to compete:
We will be playing with “3vs3 Ruleset” for the First Stage. You will need 3 combos without repeating parts to compete. Please check the following for the details :

Host: Eddiehh
Participant Cap: None

Event Schedule 
1:45-1:59 Registration/Bracket Set-up/Announcements
2:00PM Tournament Starts

Location : Clubhouse

1st Place: Authentic Takara Tomy BB-10 Stadium
2nd Place: F230 Spintrack (Super rare!)
3rd Place: $40 Coupon 
4th Place: Iceberg Lettuce Head 
5th Place; $10 Coupon
6th Place: $10 Coupon
7th Place: $5 Coupon
8th Place: $5 Coupon

[Image: gCv3ByO.jpg]

Thank you BeysAndbricks for sponsoring this tournament!

Show up in a Halloween Costume of any kind and you will get 2x entry automatically to be entered in our raffle to win NEW Metal fight Beyblades! 

[Image: 9486cf5be9a2f473b0acda12aac687d0.png]


Raffle Prizes!
1. Diablo Nemesis (NEW)
2. Fang Leone  (NEW)
3. Phantom Orion  (NEW)
4. Big Bang Pegasis  (NEW)
5. L-Drago Destroy  (NEW)

All Takara Tomy Brand 

Please see additional event information and any local or federal requirements below in regards to COVID 19.

*Please be aware of the new community rules. Registering for the tournament and not showing up is a Tournament violation.
This event has been approved.
Updated Prizes!

Make top 8 and you will get a minimum of $5 guaranteed!
Go Go Eddiehh!!!!
(Oct. 01, 2022  11:32 AM)Eddiehh Wrote: [ -> ]Updated Prizes!

Make top 8 and you will get a minimum of $5 guaranteed!

no more 4th place hate!!
We should vacate 4th place prize and add it somewhere else.
(Oct. 03, 2022  5:11 AM)Shindog Wrote: [ -> ]We should vacate 4th place prize and add it somewhere else.

4th place has to pay for all the prizes  Smile
Gotta get that head of lettuce

Added 5 Raffle Prizes (see above.)
Updated Prize for 4th place. Don't get 4th Grin

Come in a costume and you will get 2x entry for the raffles!
Good Luck Everyone! Have Fun with another Metal Day!
any one seen like a duo gemios by any chance
this event is outside of the 14 day post-tournament processing window. Please complete preprocessing as this event is preventing others from being processed.
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