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Full Version: Texas Circuit # 3 Ranked Event - Halloween Edition
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This is the third RANKED event hosted by SzasseGames! Participation in prior ranked events is  encouraged but everyone is welcome!

As this is a ranked event, we will be strictly using P3C1 for the prelims, Swiss Format (first to 3 points). WBO 3on3 Match Type Rules for the finals. Takara Tomy or Pro Series Beyblades are highly recommended. Standard stadiums will be used. Judges will review all parts on registration.
- Please arrive between 2:00 and 2:15 PM.
- 2:30PM start time will be strictly observed.
- We anticipate the prelim matches to be completed by 4:30PM, and then the finals will proceed!

This will be a Burst Standard Format tournament.
Pick 3 Choose 1 format information:
How to identify fake parts:
How to tell if your combo of parts is illegal:

I'd like a participant cap of 30 due to venue size. Thank you!

Look for the HOLLOW DEATHSCYTHER'S HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA event on the same day if you are free earlier and want to come for some unranked beyblading and a chance to win 1 of 4 Volume 30 Booster boxes!
This event has been approved.
Hopefully I win again 😅😅
(Sep. 28, 2022  2:14 PM)raybuster Wrote: [ -> ]Hopefully I win again 😅😅

What if I win
Could be possible
I'm going to be bringing some brand new combos to this so should be an adventure!
Time to lose all of my sleep preparing for this tournament again yay
If you are looking for advice on what kinds of combos to build checkout this Tournament Guide:
(Oct. 08, 2022  7:13 PM)ZestyPhresh Wrote: [ -> ]If you are looking for advice on what kinds of combos to build checkout this Tournament Guide:

When the teacher accidently leaves the test key on his desk while he's gone:
Can't wait to see you all on the 30th!
Same here man
Great tournament guys had alot of fun. I couldn't have picked a better event for my first time. You guys are on another level.... I'll be back.
Had fun. Glad I participated.
22 player Swiss is 5 not 6 rounds.
So this was intense
This matches for event have now been processed.