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Full Version: Judgy Judgements (CANCELED)
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This event is a Burst GT format event. Please read the rulebooks, as we will not be providing parts for you to use.
GT Rulebook

Judgy Judgements. Enjoyable. 

Blader Cap of 24.

You are responsible for reading the rules before the tournament. Please show up with official and legal equipment, including launchers. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact me by sending me a message. We will go over the rulebook at the beginning of the tournament to make sure everyone understands.

Keep An Eye on Your Belongings:
Bladers, please keep an eye on your stuff. No one wants to lose anything. We’re not saying this stuff happens often, but this is a public venue, and it is better safe than sorry. Guardians, please do not leave your kids unattended. We are not their caretakers. Thanks in advance.

Please also note that there will be a special area for judge’s stuff so that they can focus solely on their matches. We will make it clear which ones they are so that you do not go near them.

PM me “I have 27% blader spirit” to prove to me that you are reading this.

3:00 PM - Registration Opens
3:30 PM - Registration Closes
3:30 PM - Rules Review and Questions
3:40 PM - Matches start
The top cut will be tentative, but we will try to keep things moving. Please do not leave before we announce this, as you may be one of the Bladers who will advance to the final stage.

This will be a tightly run schedule, so leave for the tournament accordingly. Once matches start, we can no longer add you to the bracket. You are welcome to stay for free play if you are unable to participate in the main event.

[Image: unknown.png]
We will be playing in the Standard BeyStadium for this event. If you have it, please bring it. Feel free to bring any other stadiums you want for free play.

A 73% increase in Blader Spirit. This is will be given out to the top 23 participants.

I hope to see you all at Judgy Judgements!
This event has been approved.
If we can get to over 20 participants I’ll pick up a prize or two for this event. I can also sell some Pro Series at the event so if you need to buy stuff so that you can play just let me know in a private message and we’ll work something out.
Very cool format that I’m excited to play
With hurricane Ian making a guest appearance this weekend, the tournament(s) may have to be cancelled. I’ll give the final call tonight. Good luck everybody, and stay safe.

Events are cancelled, sorry everyone.
This matches for event have now been processed.