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Full Version: Teampalooza: BC Sol: The Kit Lopez Show
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Participant Cap: 36
These are the WBO safety recommendations for Covid
1. Feeling unwell? Stay at home.
2. Wear a Mask or Face Covering
3. Thumbs Up Instead of Handshakes
4. Do Not Lend or Play with Others Equipment
5. During Beyblade Inspection, Disassemble Beyblades for Judges
6. Do Not Bring More Than 1 Person With You
7. Maintain Physical Distancing (2 meters/6 feet apart)
8. After each Match Judges Must Disinfect Stadium
9. Only Bladers Registered Before the Tournament Day may Participate
10. Eliminated from the tournament? You must leave the tournament area.

If you would like to have more information on both the wbo guidelines as well as the Indiana Hamilton county covid-19 guidelines check the links below.

WBO Covid Guidelines
State guidelines: Hamilton county guidelines

Location help: when you enter the park you should come across a playground that is left of the parking lot, with sort of a desert terrain in mind, and directly right of the parks playground in question, there should be a set of picnic tables under a green roof.

 Information on the Teampalooza Series

The Teampalooza Series is our nationwide fall season tournament that allows bladers to build teams of 3 players to compete for monthly prizes, giveaways, and the chance of winning a FREE weekend for Teampalooza: Legends Festival on Dec 3-4th @ Orlando, FL. 
Series Dates: August 1st to November 6th (1 tournament a month)
Format: WBO Teams Format (Team of 3 Players)

Match Styles: 3on3

Note: Any team can participate in this Series even if they are not planning or interested to attend the Legends Festival on December. This Series stands on its own and it is not connected to Legends Festival.

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In order for your team to be eligible to win any of prizes listed below, each team of 3 must be registered at before August 30, 2022.
Registration per team is only $5 for the entire Series. Yes, it is a very small amount. We are just looking for the commitment to get teams onboard.
We encourage all players to create their teams and register them as soon as possible in order to start accumulating points from month #1 (August).

IMPORTANT: You do not need to register your team if you just want to play occasionally or participate once in the series. Registration is only for teams that want to stay together month after month and be eligible for Teampalooza Series prizes.

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1.   Monthly Trifecta Prize: We are giving away the next upcoming TT release for each team member for the team with most points for the month.

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2.   Premier Triple Crown Prize: We are giving away a free weekend hotel stay for Teampalooza: Legends Festival for each team member for the team with the most accumulated points.

3.   PremierWay Giveaway Prize: We will run a random giveaway every month for all registered teams. Prizes will be announced every month.

For full details and rules about Teampalooza, please visit
This event has been approved.
what is the ban list
Приз Premier Triple Crown, круто!
(Sep. 20, 2022  12:39 PM)Dread joker Wrote: [ -> ]what is the ban list
Start time had to be moved to 12:30 , due to some car issues. Thanks for everyone that is coming
This matches for event have now been processed.