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Full Version: Tournament Report: Teampalooza! Battle Seattle 9-3-22
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This is a tournament report for Teampalooza! Battle Seattle. It was a ranked 3v3 event in Tukwila Wa.

A while back a few states from the east coast and midwest agreed to participate in a competition of nation wide 3v3 events. I waited until the last day and almost missed out on signing up our state. Im glad I did bc this event was a great time and surprisingly very competitive.

We had 15 people sign up and 15 people play. I don't think that has ever happened at one of our events before. This was especially impressive bc we had to change the venue at the last minute. Due to a series of events, opposite to battle on the hilltop, we ended up playing at crestveiw park instead of the school. This turned out to be not bad at all. Many people liked playing on tables instead of the ground. Also this park has a porto nearby which was much closer than foster. At the high school we have to walk across the parking lot to use the bathroom at the public pool. This park also has a permanent shelter and water fountains.

I like this park a lot but it's too busy to be a consistent spot for events. Almost every weekend there is a birthday there, we got lucky no one was there that day. One of the reasons we chose this spot was for its shelter (to protect from the rain and wind). It looked bad but the sky cleared up a few hours later and it turned into a nice day to blade.

This was our community's first time playing 3v3 ranked. I was really worried about losing all my matches bc I am not used to this format. Now that I've played it, I must say I like team 3v3 a lot. There were many great moments of team members supporting each other during their battles. Another reason I like team format is bc it gives kids a chance to meet others and team up with new people. I think some teams of bladers became friends at this event and that was cool to see.

I joined the team Bent Prominence with (captain), he is a friend of xorns and this was his first event, and myself.

My deck and only combos for this event were: Devil Perseus F Over Hxt+ 0, Vanish Bahamut Illegal Bearing 9, Zest Longinus (left atk mode) Tapered Bearing' 4.

The mvp of the day was definitely Zest on tapered. It has great lad but also it never got knocked out by guilty or xiphoid. I like the left attack mode better than stamina mode on Zest. The left attack mode puts the armor on the bottom lowering the weight. Even though its not a perfect circle I think this mode has better stamina.

Here are your teams to root for:
  • Team Bent Prominence: A team with Xorn23, Myself, and a new blader DeadChoc0. We may or may not have bent a prominence shield in minecraft
  • Beyblade Bruisers: A strong team led by backed up by the rising star and the stalwart veteran
  • The Eye Screams: A new team led by and backed up by his father , and joined by the famous
  • PDX All Starz: A competitive team from Portland led by thier captain and backed up by legends and
  • The Punishers: A rouge team led by the young wonder kid partnered with and first time blader
We saw many great battles today. I know I witnessed at least 3 guilty uppers. I think DynaF was the most played bey at this event. Most played it on bearing' or hxt+ but I also saw a moment and metal never. Not as much attack today but im not sure if that was due to the format or bladers preference.

After many long matches we finally narrowed down the top 2 teams moving onto the finals. Team Bent Prominence and PDX All Starz had to face off in the finals. I won all of my individual preliminary matches and our team also went 4-0. Team PDX made it with a score of 3-1.

This was a great match. Our captain decided to send me out last and this turned out to be a good call. In the first match Xorn lost 3 points to ItzDro. Xorn played very well but the re-shuffle was not in his favor. We needed to earn points fast if we wanted a chance to stay in the game. Next DeadChoc0 played like a mad man, he won with 3-1 against Dmaster1292 (Dmaster is a seasoned blader and this was Choc0s first event). The score was currently 4-3 with us one point behind. The last match was me against Lyriq. This was an honor bc Lyriq is one of the strongest bladers in the PNW. We had many draws and re-shuffles but I ended up taking the win with a score of 3-2. The final score was 6-6. "Oh no, its tie breaker time."
After a long team huddle we decided to send out Xorn23 for the tie breaker match. He is the strongest out of us and could launch DynaF harder in same spin. Also I knew they would send out Lyriq again and I did not want to risk losing the BR, he is a tank at the game.

After a nail biting match PDX All Starz walked away with the gold. The final score was 7-9. Well played everyone. (Sorry to PDX for forgetting the winners photo)

This event went smoothly overall. No fighting, stolen parts, or lost phones (kinda). Lyriq thought he lost his phone but found it next to a stadium shortly after. This tournament started 20 mins later due to the venue change. We finished cleaning up the park at 5:30 so it was a 3 hour event give or take. I like team events but I dont know If we can do more than 5 teams due to the time it takes and venue restrictions. Hopefully in the future we can find a way to do more teams but I am short a stadium and most of the judges team up together.

Also I must once again give a High Wave' sized thank you to all of the judges at this event, and Thanks for making this event move faster! Also a Wind Knight sized thank you to and Beyblade Premier for setting up this series.

What did you all think of our first ranked team event? Let me know your likes and dislikes of the event below. Thank you all for showing out and see ya next time!

(Sorry no extra pics or videos from this event)