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Full Version: Best Anime Series?
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In my opinion, GRevolution was the best.
In my opinion I think Turbo or Fury was the best season.
Metal saga
Burst(Turbo was my favorite season)
OG Series
Worst was this abomination series Burst Quaddrive that’s for sure.
metal masters and metal fury
I will always have a soft spot for the Plastic gen and Tyson is my favourite main character.

I love the first 2 seasons of beyblade burst but i will never forgive the rest for what they did to my boy Lui. He went from the best blader, to an average blader and i hate it.

But i gotta go with Metal Fury for sure. Metal saga in general actually but i watched Metal Fury the most out of all of the rest. This anime was awesome.
Bakuten Shoot for the nostalgia but G-Rev for the character designs