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Full Version: Question About DB/BU Evolution Gears
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Okay, so something about the evolution gears has never been made clear for me, and that's how they work in terms of legality. What I mean by this, is do parts equipped with them still count as the same part, or are they technically something else now? For example, are they like a Cho-Z level chip, where say Nexus+S still counts as Nexus, and Dynamite+F still counts as Dynamite? Or are they more like Xtend and Xtend+, treated as effectively new parts, where you could legally have Nexus+S, Nexus+D, and Almight+S in the same deck?

I've been treating the former as the ruling just to be safe, but I have been wondering for quite a while now.
Nexus+S == Nexus == Nexus+D
Dynamite+F == Dynamite

Nexus is Nexus. And S gear is S gear. And you can't have two tips with +S in the same deck and you can't have two Nexus in the same deck.