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Full Version: FACE CONTEST: Design a Grip & Accessories!
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Sagittario96 What do you mean?
NateKilgore, hope you have read this:

(Jul. 04, 2010  12:30 AM)theflightyellz Wrote: [ -> ]* Limit one entry per person! Your first entry will be the only one that's considered, so work hard on it!
Deleted second entry sorry.
ill enter that one i was planning on creating a launcher and i started but mines looks like carp or carp compared to so many others
High Sprit huh "sarcasm" momment of silence
Will there be any other grip designing contests in the future?
(Jul. 24, 2010  3:53 AM)Flosal Wrote: [ -> ]Will there be any other grip designing contests in the future?
Hm, not for a while. I would say not for a year even.
I see. Thanks to my laziness, now I pay up Unhappy.
There will be other contests though, so you might find the next contest interesting as well. Hopefully you will enter that one. Tongue_out
This Face Contest is now over. The winners will be announced as soon as possible.

Also, we decided to let Diamond enter because the Face Contest had begun quite a while before he became a moderator, so it would be unfair, especially if he had started working on his entry before then.
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