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Full Version: what are all the compatible drivers for Burst Classic?
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recently, the Beyblade Planner website has had a major bug, saying every driver is compatible with Classic, and i'm confused because of it, can someone post a list of all drivers compatible in classic? (if it has a dash/metal variant, don't say all of them please, just say the best variant out of all 2/3 variants)
Honestly? No, we can't. There are too many drivers allowed in the format to list them all. It really is better if you look at the actual rules and look at the ban list understand which ones are not allowed. As a matter of fact, you really need to read the burst classic rule set before attempting to play in a burst classic tournament.

For your convenience, I have copy pasted the banned drivers from the rule set and then pasted them here. Please do read the full rules at this location:

Banned Performance Tips/Drivers:
Bearing (Hasbro Only)
Accel’, Zephyr’, Blow’, Destroy’, αssault', Fusion'
Metal Accel, Metal Fusion, Metal Defense
Hybrid, Ignition’, Generate, Shot, Almight
All HyperSphere Drivers

If you are still unclear about whether or not a specific driver is allowed in the format after reading this list, you can try to ask about that specific driver, but it doesn't get a whole heck of a lot clearer than this.